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Driver Guideline


1. The vehicle must comply with traffic rules and obey instructions of traffic police officers.
2. Do not be late, no delays, no speeding.
3. Service affable, and maintain good relations with employers and their families and colleagues.
4. care vehicle, pay attention to the inspection and maintenance.
5. Maintain a safe speed.
6. Before checking daily with detail oil, water, oil, tire pressure, brake lights, night lights, mirrors and so on.
7. vehicles require regular maintenance and inspection, and maintenance and inspection certificate retained backup.
8. The daily cleaning inside the vehicle, in order to maintain the appearance of clean, bright, and waxing.
9. The vehicle is necessary to avoid accidents parked on the roadside, just let passengers on and off, and note the door switch.
10. Before driving do not drink, smoke, do not do personal private affairs.
11. In accordance with the requirements of the employer's dress and grooming to maintain.
12. Respect employers and their families, Colleagues.

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